Atoms of Haiku
Atoms of Haiku


Atoms of Haiku

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Haiku is the latest form of poetry that has come from the past and it is spreading throughout the world. Author’s United has teamed up with the seasoned editors like Archana Kapoor Nagpal, Arie Gerev and Sanjukta Asopa to create a blend of Haiku with different styles into one book. It is an honor to thank all the 19 authors who contributed to this anthology.

This book will certainly enlighten you about the oldest form of poetry. Haiku gives your normal observations a second view and enable you to write through your eyes. No matter what your reason is for reading Atoms of Haiku, you will find this book – inspiring, enlightening and insightful. Enjoy the pictures drawn in words from the master painters all around the world.

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    Nov . 02 . 2016

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